Gone are the days when there were damsels in distress waiting for their knights in shining armours. The trailers of the Disney’s Frozen 2, has exceeded our female warrior fantasies and showcases it to be nothing less than a thrilling action movie. With a series of stunning visuals, following are some incredible sequences that we are excited for; that showcase Elsa as the tough and uncompromising warrior that we all deserved.

1)     When Elsa goes into the unknown mist
When Elsa is tasked to embark on an adventure of her lifetime, to discover her true self, she sees a mysterious mist surrounding the enchanted forest. Magical yet dark and spine chilling, Elsa reaches her hand out with her sister by her side, fearlessly entering into the unknown. This step, is just one of the firsts in her quest, and we sure would be terrified for what beholds ahead.

2)     Fights the enchanted forest fire
Endangering her life for the safety of others, is the true trait of a selfless combatant. After an encounter with the people in the enchanted forest, we see a horrifying fire enveloping it. Elsa who feared her powers in the first edition, has now taken a hold and will surprise you with her impressive fighting skills.

3)    When she freezes the giant waves
Unleashing her powers at her best, Elsa creates an icy path on the ocean, all set to take on the dangerous tidal waves. Freezing the giant wave that approaches her, she creates a frozen path that blocks the threatening force of the ocean.

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4)     Rides the Mysterious water horse
What’s a warrior if they haven’t ridden a horse. After the icy ocean path shatters because of excessive force, Elsa plunges beneath the waves and encounters a mysterious water horse that is looking straight at her. But Elsa overcoming her fears, uses her powers and with much bravery ends up riding the horse as seen in the second trailer

5)     Crystal Runes
Elsa’s powers will exceed the audience’s expectations in this instalment. The magnitude of her power can be witnessed when she runs on top of top of an icy rock releasing her powers into the air. Innumerable ice crystals are created that is hanging in the sky.

From building snowmen to fighting mythical creatures in the second instalment, Frozen 2 shows us that its less of a princess movie and more of a action packed entertainer. The true essence of our Snow Queen Elsa is just a testament of how times are changing and female characters are evolving.  After looking at some of the footage from the movie, we surely agree with Idina Menzel, the actor behind our favourite warrior, that we can surely expect - “Badass Elsa”