Dileep’s statements during and post the wedding were quite clear and loud. He did this to save and protect “Kavya’s dignity.”

Let’s take a look at some of his statements that reeked of arrogance, male chauvinism and sexism. 

-    During the wedding Dileep mentioned that it was his daughter who “forced” him to tie the knot

-   Dileep repeatedly kept saying, " I need the support and blessings of all of you, the audience." (He appeared more concerned about seeking audience approval than enjoying this new phase of his life with Kavya)

-    Both of us need your blessings for a good life ahead (She was interrupted and corrected by Dileep the very moment. He said, “the four of us”)

-    When I felt I should get married, my daughter, mother, relatives and friends sat together and we came up with this decision. My 'koottukaari' (friend) is someone who's been gossiped about a lot, because of me. So I thought if I got married to somebody else, it just wouldn't be right (laughs).


Surprisingly, Kavya, who has always been an epitome of strength and courage on the big screen was reduced to a mere spectator of this charade.