Anushka Shetty finally spoke out about her plans on marriage. She even mentioned Prabhas in her talks. Before coming to any conclusion, read the story to know the truth.

According to Times Now, Anushka said, “My parents started telling me to get married since I turned 20. But everything should happen at the right time. However, my parents respect what I feel and have stopped pressurising me.”

Continuing her belief in the right time, the Baahubali-Bhaagamathie heroine said that she believes in the institution of marriage and wants to have a family. But all this will have to wait for the right time. i.e. the actress wants to meet someone special who she can connect with and has said an absolute no to a relationship of compulsion.

When she spoke this, was she referring to fans' demands to get married to Prabhas?

Here is what Anushka really feels about her and Prabhas's relationship.  She told Times Now, “Prabhas and I are not getting married. Please do not expect Baahubali and Devasena-like chemistry in real life. It is only on screen.”

Will this be sufficient to put a full stop to the rumours and fans' demands of seeing Anushka and Prabhas get married in real life?