The announcement somehow didn't add up and only got us confused. Why would Alia Bhatt, who majorly appeals to the 20 something millennials start a brand for kids, who are not even her key audience?

A source from the industry questions this move by Alia and wonders if domestication is on the cards for the actress. 

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are speculated to tie the knot very soon, and in fact, they would have already been married had the lockdown and Covid 19 not played spoilsport.

Looks like it's not just marriage, but Alia is also ready to start a family with Ranbir very soon. 

There is something cooking for sure as to why else would she go ahead with something like this when 3/4-year-olds don't even relate to Alia? 

Looks like there's more than what meets the eye and we will have to wait and see what surprise is in store for us next.