Post her phenomenal performance in the film, critics and audience are looking forward to what's next in store for the rising star. 

This year, Alaya graced a lot of covers issues and leading print magazines and digital magazines, owing to her ability to connect with the audience effortlessly.

Her debut is considered one of the most impactful debut performances of the industry, as she was able to hold her own amongst experienced actors like Saif Ali Khan and Tabu. 

Speaking about 2020, in a recent interview, Alaya F shares, "It started off really well for me, with my first film release, and everything went really smoothly.

Just when I was looking forward to kickstarting the next phase, the world went into a lockdown. I won't lie, it did bum me out quite a bit where I was like what has happened you know 'cause after your first film you usually get to go out and you get to go to events, and to do so many things to stay visible and all of that was suddenly gone."

Further adding on to it, "But I was like I'm gonna keep myself visible through social media and get people to know me through it. That went really well and, I feel like I got a lot out of that made the most of it. Overall I think it's been quite a lovely year, I've learned a lot and it has been quite interesting. Even during the lockdown I watched a lot of older movies and read a lot of scripts. As soon as the lockdown even slightly lifted, I went straight back to my classes. I really enjoy the training part of my profession. "

Speaking about her 2021 plans, Alaya F shares, "I feel after a year like this, everything has to be better right, nothing can be worse than this, so if I managed to make something good out of this, I'm sure the next few years are going to be fab. I'm just excited and looking forward to it."

Being extremely active on social media with her #AlayaAF series, the audience has known the actress better and also learned about her various talents of doodling make-up and so much more. The actress even bagged the best debutant award for her performance in 'Jawaani Jaaneman', recently and that's worth an applaud.