Actor Sudeep has come up with a whole new version of the fitness challenge. He started #BringOutThePailwaanInYou as a new fitness challenge and nominated several of his friends in the film industry.


Further elaborating on the challenge Sudeep tweeted, "Continuing the fitness trend, here’s the #BringOutThePailwaanInYou challenge. Post a present pic n post a pic every month to show the difference. Nominate who u feel need fitness or who can inspire others into it."


Sudeep nominated director Pawan Wodeyar, producer Karthik, actors Anup Bhandari and Rajeev for the Pailwaan challenge. 

Pawan Wodeyar later responded to the challenge tweeting, "Good morning all. Dear @KicchaSudeep  sir I accept the challenge #phailwaaninyou I will post my pic after one month with some major change for sure. Thanks sir. I was finding valid reason to go to gym".


The fitness challenge has been storming across the nation. It is an initiative towards a good and healthy lifestyle.