Most Malayalees or music lovers may have grown up listening to the song Aalayal Thara Venam. From the original song to several other versions of it by various singers, the song is an emotion for Malayalees.

But this new version of the song by multilingual singer Sooraj Santhosh will leave you questioning the actual meaning of the song.

Sooraj Santhosh along with lyricist Shruthi Namboodiri has given a fresh and rebellious twist to the famous song.

The entire song has been rehashed and the title of the song has also been changed to Alayal Thara Veno? leaving behind a question to the listeners.

While the original song had stereotypical statements in the lyrics, the new song turns the statements in the original into questions.

Sharing the song on his YouTube channel Sooraj stated "Aalayal Thara Venam is a seemingly harmless song we all grew up listening to. But there are so many things wrong with it, at so many levels. Along with Shruthi Namboodiri, I have broken down the old song and restructured it. We are questioning every stereotype and every ‘truth’ that has been passed down blindly through generations. Let’s sow the seeds of a new rebellion that asks questions instead of silently accepting whatever is told to us”.

The song not just breaks the stereotypes but also sounds and looks refreshing. Sooraj’s long hair, black shades and his subtle dance moves add quirkiness to the song.

Along with Sooraj the song features hundreds of his fans grooving to the music, and his band members Joe Johnson, Durwin Dsouza, Joel Varghese and Akhil Babu.