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Is Hardik Pandya dating THIS Instagram influencer? Here's what we know

Rumors suggest a breakup between Hardik Pandya and his wife Natasha, with speculation of Hardik dating Instagram influencer Prachi Solanki. Prachi's visit to Hardik's home and shared videos have fueled the rumours. Absent from family celebrations, Natasha's silence leaves fans eager for an official statement on Hardik's potential new relationship.

Is Hardik Pandya dating Prachi Solanki Here is what we know vkp
First Published Jul 10, 2024, 4:54 PM IST

Rumours have been swirling about a possible breakup between T20 World Cup hero Hardik Pandya and his wife Natasha. Although the celebrity couple has yet to make an official statement, signs suggest they might not be together anymore. Amidst these rumours, speculation has arisen about Hardik Pandya possibly dating an Instagram influencer. A viral video has fueled these questions.

The influencer in question is Prachi Solanki, who runs the popular Instagram account PS29. She recently visited Hardik Pandya's house and shared photos and videos of her time there. In a video she posted, Prachi can be seen with Hardik, expressing her excitement and disbelief about meeting the cricket star. She thanked Hardik for his warm hospitality.


A post shared by Prachi Solanki (@ps_29)

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After returning home victorious from the T20 World Cup, Hardik celebrated with his family. Notably absent from these celebrations was Natasha. Prachi’s visit to Hardik’s home has added more fuel to the rumours. She not only met Hardik but also spent considerable time with his family, including his brother, Krunal Pandya. Prachi documented her visit with numerous photos, showing a friendly and warm interaction with Hardik and his family.

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Amidst speculation surrounding his separation from Natasha, Hardik Pandya is now rumoured to be romantically involved with an Instagram influencer. Fans have been actively commenting on this development, although there is currently no official confirmation regarding Hardik Pandya's dating status.

Hardik Pandya's stellar performance as an all-rounder in the T20 World Cup tournament was pivotal in securing the trophy for the Indian team. His exceptional bowling performance, especially in the final match's crucial last over, showcased his maturity and skill, ultimately clinching the victory for India. Emotional after the win, Hardik Pandya reflected on facing numerous criticisms with patience, emphasizing his confidence and determination during the match.


A post shared by Prachi Solanki (@ps_29)

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