Bengaluru: Thousands of migrant labourers from Marathalli outer ring road area marched to the BBMP Zonal Joint Commissioner Jagadish’s office to lay siege. Activists working for construction workers alleged that, the BBMP is trying to evict them by branding workers as 'outsiders' in order to fulfil their real estate motive.

"The Joint Commissioner was trying to escape by shifting the blame on Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM), but we had the documents signed by the Joint Commissioner instructing BESCOM to cut power supply and take down our power meters. He is doing at this at the behest of the local leader. Maybe there is some real estate motive as land fetches a high rate in this area," said Kaleemulla an activist.

The activist say that the workers are from UP, Bihar and from West Bengal and are harassed by local goons.  The workers have been residing here for a few years and the landowners have no issue. But the local leader may be planning to buy the land.

"After intervention from the activists who already have got court direction that the BBMP cannot intervene in such matters, the Joint Commissioner was scared. He told he will take the matter up with the Mayor and instructed BESCOM to restore power by evening."  added Kaleemulla.