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Geopolitical Chess: Assessing Putin's strategic moves in the ongoing Russia-West power play

In the high-stakes game of geopolitical chess, Vladimir Putin's strategic maneuvers are capturing global attention as Russia and the West engage in a complex power play. The Kremlin's calculated moves are leaving analysts and world leaders alike speculating about the next chapter in this evolving narrative.

Geopolitical Chess: Assessing Putin's strategic moves in the ongoing Russia-West power play avv
First Published Feb 12, 2024, 3:55 PM IST

Vladimir Putin has emerged as one of the most influential world leaders in the 21st century. The divide between the West and Russia has reached at levels of all-time high under a strongly grown Vladimir Putin. However, the story was not the same when Putin became the Russian President at the stroke of the 21st century. 

George W Bush saw the young spy-turned-politician as an ally and met him multiple times. Even former British Prime Minister Tony Blair believed that the man deserved to be at the high table. French President Emmanuel Macron had a groundbreaking meeting with Putin at his holiday residence.

Somehow all these Western leaders and many like them believed to have known how to deal with the Russian leader. But that is not the case as none of the Western leaders now advocate for ties with Russia and its premiere. The 2021 attack on Ukraine severed ties to an irreversible state.

The West has helped Ukraine with billions of dollars of aid and fierce weapons which has helped in the pushback of Russian forces. Though Russia captured multiple towns on the border, Kyiv has shown a fight nonetheless. Russia, after facing resistance until recently, is looking for an offensive this year.

The Russian leadership is eager to take advantage of the increased divide in the European Union. Even the US will get busy with the general election later this year. Moscow is desperate to hit Ukraine at some point of time this year and continue the offensive at least until next year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is also expecting a Donald Trump win which will help Russian forces as the Republican candidate is likely to cut the aid instantly. Everything could fall into place for Vladimir Putin. However, the Russian economy is in a shattered state and also western sources suggest 350,000 soldiers have been killed in the war so far.

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