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Viral: Philippines students wear ‘anti-cheating' hats during exams, see photos

A professor identified as Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz from the Philippines made her students wear headgear for their mid-term exams. The picture from the classroom shows students in creative headgear. She stated that she was inspired by a technique that was used in Thailand in 2013 to stop students from cheating in their exams.

Viral Philippines students wear anti cheating hats during exams see photos gcw
First Published Oct 24, 2022, 5:30 PM IST

Students frequently cheat, especially when examinations are approaching. Students at one college in Legazpi City have been instructed to wear headwear to prevent them from looking at other people's papers in order to prevent this.

On social media, pictures of these "anti-cheating headgear" have gone popular. Many people might be seen sporting the faces of their favourite cartoon characters, while others could be seen building their own devices out of cardboard. Additionally, egg boxes and other recyclable items are observed being used by people.

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Professor Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz said on Facebook that she had instructed her students to have headgear ready for their midterm examinations. The children exploded with creativity once she gave them the go-ahead to do so. She posted pictures of her students sporting the hats. Look at this:

She was motivated by a method that was allegedly employed in Thailand a while back. A picture that circulated online in 2013 shows a group of university students in Bangkok completing tests while using "ear flaps." These were pieces of paper that had been taped to the sides of their heads to block their eyesight.

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Meanwhile, earlier in September, a teacher in Mexico angered people by making them sit an exam while wearing cardboard boxes on their heads. Angry parents asked that the instructor be fired from Colegio de Bachilleres Del Estado De Tlaxcala in central Mexico over the incident, according to the Daily Mail UK. As the pupils appear to be writing on sheets of paper on their desks, photos show the boxes have cut-out holes for eyes and faces.

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