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Doctor recreates Cesarean delivery for toddler son

Nov 26, 2020, 9:00 PM IST
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A video has gone viral of a mother from California recreating a cesarean delivery for her four-year-old son using Play-Doh has gone viral on Twitter with over four million views.


In the video, dermatologist Dr Jessica teaches her 4-year-old son about a cesarean delivery. She is seen using medical terminology to the toddler.


The cesarean was recreated using plastic instruments.


The most incredible part of the video is that her son delivered a Spiderman toy followed by a balloon placenta.


The mother-son duo's first surgerical reconstruction involved a gall-bladder removal, back in June.


The little boy was so excited and announced he wanted to become a surgeon.


The video has gone massively viral and has received some backlash for her tutorial, but most are praising her creativity.

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