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Madhya Pradesh crisis: Did BJP force Congress MLAs into Bengaluru resort or Kamal Nath?

Amidst allegations of Madhya Pradesh MLAs being locked up in Bengaluru by force of the BJP, Congress MLAs in the Bengaluru resort sent out a video in which they lashed out at the Kamal Nath government for ignoring them and focussing only his Assembly segment.

Madhya Pradesh Congress MLAs lodged in a private resort in Bengaluru outskirts have sent out a strong message and a blunt one at that stating that they are not in support of CM Kamal Nath.


This was in response to allegations by the Madhya Pradesh Congress members that the MLAs have been held hostage at a private resort by the BJP.


Imarti Devi, a former minister and a three-time MLA from Dabra launched a scathing attack on Kamal Nath saying he had time to meet brokers and the corrupt but not his own MLAs.


Sitting along with a host of leaders from Madhya Pradesh, the former minister said, “Kamal Nath has released Rs 13,000 crore for his Assembly segment and not a single rupee was allowed for her constituency. Why should we be with CM?" she said.