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Coronavirus lockdown: Meet this Bengaluru Police inspector who turned into gau rakshak

This is an inspiring story that will warm hearts wherein a Bengaluru Police officer Mohammed Rafi is taking care of a calf which came to him during lockdown check

Bengaluru: Amid the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of stray dogs and wild animals  who depended on waste food thrown away by hotels, street vendors and others near the garbage are suffering without food. However, here's a story that will warm hearts. Bengaluru Police have been earning praises with their humane acts by feeding the poor. Now in the latest, Baiyappanahalli Police are feeding a calf that came to them in a surprise check. The calf you see in the video was being carried away in a car, but fortunately Baiyappanahalli Police who were checking vehicles during lockdown rescued the calf. It's been 16 days since the calf came into the station and Baiyappanahalli Police inspector Mohammed Rafi and Bhima (calf) have become an inseparable duo. The calf enjoys the company of the inspector, who feeds it at least 15-16 litres of milk every day. Inspector Rafi is ready to look after the calf all his life.