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Correcting damage caused to community image Bengaluru Muslim youth comes up with smart hand sanitiser

Many hold Muslim members from Tablighi Jamaat responsible to some extent for COVID-19 spread and Padarayanpura miscreants attacking health workers too. This has brought the community ill-repute because of generalisation made by people. To change perception, a Muslim youth with his startup has come up with smart hand sanitiser to contribute to the fight against coronavirus

Humiliated by damage to the reputation of the community after few in Delhi from Tablighi Jamaat were held responsible for COVID-19 spread and the recent incident of Padarayanpura miscreants attacking health workers, Ibrahim Sharieff a youngster with a startup company has come up with portable hand sanitiser 'Instacare Dispenser' to help in the fight against coronavirus and change the perception of people.

 The hand sanitiser dispenser is portable and easy to use. All one has to do is, use his feet to press the handle and the pressure on the dispenser will sprinkle sanitiser on the hand.

 This portable and easy to use smart hand sanitiser is being distributed in certain parts of the city to keep oneself free from infection and also as a service to the community.