Deoria: After the demise of an elderly woman amidst coronavirus lockdown in Deoria (Uttar Pradesh), her daughter-in-law lit the funeral pyre. The woman has three sons, but unfortunately all three were not present during her final journey.

The three sons live outside Deoria due to their respective jobs. Their mother lived in a rented house on Sohnaag Road in Tilouli village of Deoria. Sumitra Devi (70) was accompanied by son Chandra Shekhar's wife Neetu Devi and her grandchild. 

Due to the lockdown, the sons could not visit home even as Sumitra Devi's health deteriorated. On Friday, Sumitra Devi's health suddenly worsened. With the help of neighbors, daughter-in-law Neetu took her by the ambulance to the community health centre, but the doctor declared her brought dead. 

After this, Neetu informed her husband and other family members, but due to the lockdown, they found it difficult to reach home in time. Neetu thus shouldered the responsibility and conducred the last rites.

The chairman Nagar Panchayat JP Maddeshia helped her and the mortal remains of Neetu's mother-in-law were taken to Nadavar Ghat in a private vehicle where Neetu performed the last rites.