Bulandshahr. During Lockdown across the country a unique example of Hindu-Muslim unity has been seen in UP. Actually the old man died in a Hindu Family. Due to the lockdown, there was no family member to cry and to do the Funeral. As soon as the muslims came to know about this news, they came forward in this grievous situation.

They not only gave shoulder the bier but also carry the body from Home to Hinduism ghat and performed all the last rites.This matter is about Anand Vihar of the city.

This is the whole matter...

Ravi Shankar, an old resident of Mohalla Anand Vihar Satha of Bulandshahar, died on Saturday due to illness. close family members informed to the relatives, so that all the people could come and the funeral of the deceased could be done. However, no one could come due to the lockdown. At the same time, the people of the Muslim society living nearby gathered to show some brotherhood.

Commendable Step for Hindu-Muslim Unity

Muslim society Members like Babu Khan, Zahid Ali Pradhan, Mohammad Ikram etc. not only gave the shoulder to the bier but also took the dead body to Kalinadi crematorium and performed the last rites. People appreciated the people of Muslim society and described it as a commendable step for Hindu-Muslim unity.

Also Chanted Ram Naam Satya Hai 

Muslim Community also shared the the video to give message of humunity. In which Muslims took out the last journey of Ravi Shankar's body with full Hinduism. During this time, Muslim youths were also seen saying 'Ram Naam Satya Hai'. Ravi was cremated along with the entire rituals In the crematorium. Seeing this, Everyone was surprised as well as they were not tired of praising this brotherhood.

We are all like a family

Some Youths of the Muslim community said that Ravi Shankar used to live here. We are all like a family. There was no talk of Hindus and Muslims in our bonding.