Meerut: People have started living on trees to ensure social distancing is in place. Now a lawyer too has taken a measure to ensure social distancing as he has chosen to live on a tree. 

A 45-year-old lawyer Mukul Tyagi has made a temporary home for himself on a tree and is residing on it. The incident has been reported from Hapur outskirts. 

His only contact with the outside world is his son, who brings him food. Tygai also doesn’t bother his family for morning and evening tea as he has made an arrangement for it near Hapur’s Asaura village.

He said “At home, you either sleep or watch the TV. There is nothing else to do. This place is so close to the nature and far away from the city life. I have been longing to do this for a while now. 

"It is peaceful here and I can read religious books without being disturbed by anyone," Tyagi added. The idea of setting up a machan (scaffolding) sprung in Tyagi’s mind a few days ago, and his son helped him realise the dream.

“I have always wondered how people used to live in the jungle in earlier days. So I decided to build the machan for myself with the help of my son. 

"We tied a bunch of heavy wooden logs together with the help of ropes and placed it on a tree. Now I spend all the time here,” Tyagi says.