Lucknow: A 40-year-old para-teacher of a primary school is sewing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in her village. This woman is such an inspiration for all.

Soon after the news of nationwide lockdown surfaced, Renu Verma, a 'shiksha mitra' in the primary school in Barabanki’s Pandara village, decided not to sit idle. She is sewing masks for villagers by learning the process from YouTube.

“These days all are struggling to find masks. To meet this shortage, I decided to make home-made masks that will help check coronavirus infection,” Renu said.

“My children showed me a video on YouTube. Now, I do the stitching and my children give the final touch,” Renu said. Among the mask recipients were 62 children from Renu’s primary school.

And she is not alone in her public welfare venture. While her husband Shiv Nath Singh, who works in an insurance company, brings cloth and elastic bands from the market, her school-going son Shobhit and daughter Shipra, who is in college, add the elastic after their mother finishes with sewing work. Renu’s nephew Nitin delivers masks among locals.

The whole family works together to help those in need in this corona disaster.

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