Moradabad: Wearing a little face mask herself, a 10-year-old girl, riding her bicycle, has started selling face masks around the city daily to earn a living for her family. The family, like many others in Moradabad, has been struggling to make their ends meet during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The girl's father, Intezar Hussain, who is into tailoring, said that work has come to a halt as no one is turning up to get dresses stitched. As a result, the family started going through a very difficult time.

Then, the family began working round the clock for a week to produce face masks out of the residue cloth materials and sell them to locals, police personnel, among others, on corona duty.

Hussain, who is a resident of Meena Nagar in Jayantipur under Majhola police station, added, “My daughter carries these masks on her bicycle daily in the morning and evening hours.

We have been selling 15-20 face masks, sometimes at one go. People give us 10 to 15 rupees for one mask and in this way, we are able to earn around Rs 200 per day. I also ensure that my daughter wears a face mask herself when she is outdoors.”

During the past week, Hussain made 300 to 400 face masks and sold them in our locality and adjacent areas.”

The family is also making tri-coloured face masks and locals have appreciated their efforts. “We distributed some face masks among the poor and destitute for free,” Hussain added.

Welcoming the idea, local residents have appreciated the family’s innovative efforts. They have applauded their assistance and also praised the efforts for earning a living through hard work during a crisis.

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