Students in Telangana punished on International Day of the Girl Child

First Published 12, Oct 2017, 6:37 PM IST
Students punished on International Day of the Girl Child
  • Government school in Vikarabad made to sit in the sun in the symbolic letter form of the district
  • The school administration made the children to bend their backs and sit forming the letters
  • They weren’t even let up in spite of intense discomfort and pain faced by the children

A government school administration in Vikarabad district of Telangana tortured its children in order to earn the appreciation of the higher authorities.

According to sources, school children of Kalpathapur District Parishad High School were made to sit on the ground and bend down without lifting their heads forming English letters V K B D I S T resembling Vikarabad District.

Though the children expressed their discomfort and pain, the teachers and school administration didn’t allow them to sit up as they wanted to impress the higher officials who were coming to lay the foundation of the Vikarabad District office buildings.

They were made to sit in that position till the officials graced the occasion and saw them.

Ironically, the incident happened on International Day of the Girl Child and it was condemned by Children’s Rights Organisation honorary chairman Achyuth Rao who demanded for the suspension of everyone responsible in the incident.