Senior Congress leader and former member of Rajya Sabha, V Hanumantha Rao (VH) and unconventional director Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) had a spar of words over the Vijay Devarakonda starrer film Arjun Reddy that released on August 25. Even before the film released, a lot of attention was drawn towards the film by VH and RGV.

It all started with VH tearing off a kissing poster from a bus to which Vijay tweeted ‘Chill Grandpa’. RGV came in support of Vijay and took to social media saying that VH is jealous of Vijay as he is being kissed by a beautiful girl. He even asked Vijay to tear VH's clothes for removing his film’s poster. He also commented that the movie is not for VH but for his grandchildren.

VH replied that he would teach a lesson to RGV if he comes to Hyderabad for which RGV replied that he is already in Hyderabad.

‘HR sir, What do u mean u won't let me step into Hyderabad? I am right now in Hyderabad. Nenu Repu Poddhunna Prasad IMAX Lo 10.30 Morning Show Ki Vasthunna..See u there. Basthi Me Sawaal'.









RGV also posted a morphed picture of him kissing VH in the Facebook. This picture is actually a picture of his and Anurag Kahyap’s posted in Instagram which someone has edited and which RGV posted.



VH continued his tirade on the film and on Thursday staged a dharna before the Censor Board and criticised that several film posters were exhibiting obscene and abusive content which is not good for the public view.

The tirade between RGV and VH has become a free publicity to the film Arjun Reddy.