AP State Cabinet approves Chandranna Pellikanuka scheme

First Published 11, Oct 2017, 6:52 PM IST
AP State Cabinet approved Chandranna Pellikanuka scheme
  • AP State Cabinet approved the government’s scheme of giving Rs 30,000 as financial assistance to BC couples during their wedding.
  • The scheme will be implemented from the New Year.
  • White Ration Card holders and BCs in below poverty level will be eligible under this new scheme.

The Andhra Pradesh State Cabinet that met on Tuesday approved the new scheme of Chandranna Pellikanuka introduced by the government for the benefit of BC (Backward Class) poor families.

The scheme which would be implemented from New Year will give the to-be-married poor BC couple Rs 30,000 as financial assistance. 20 percent would be given after engagement and the rest will be deposited in their bank account after the wedding.

The scheme is applicable to white ration card holders and BCs below the poverty line. Conditions apply to this scheme as the bride should be 18 years and groom 21 years. Government estimated that 40,000 marriages will take place in 2017-18 and Rs 120 crore is the estimated expenditure. After two years, the scheme would be modified with Class X eligibility as compulsory.

Some of the other prominent issues approved by the Cabinet are:

  • CM ordered for compulsory registration of marriage along with birth and death registrations
  • Discussions on outsourcing in Panchayatiraj and revenue departments. CM ordered for preparation of a list of required employees

Virtual Classrooms

  • Cabinet approved Trigin Technology Limited for setting up and managing cloud-based virtual classrooms in selected schools
  • The project will be helpful to provide quality education to students studying in government schools in the state
  • The total cost of the project is Rs 160 crores
  • CM ordered the project to be completed by December
  • The chief minister directed all municipal high schools be equipped with virtual class rooms by the end of this year
  • Education department is assigned the task of preparing the content for virtual classrooms

Cabinet approved lands to Gopichand Badminton Academy, Brahmakumari Society, Nandamuri Basava Taraka Ramarao Memorial Cancer Foundation, Xavier School of Management and LV Prasad Eye Institute.

Apollo Tyres

  • Apollo tyres received land in Chittoor district for its Modern and State of Art Tyre Manufacturing plant but had to pay penalty for negligence in setting up the plant. The company sought exemption from paying the penalty for which the Cabinet reviewed the proposals. The exemptions from the penalty include:
  • 1. Penalty should be paid within 10 working days without any interest from the date on which the allocation is received (Rs 79,28,680 lakhs without interest).
  • 2. The deadline would be increased without penalty if the company couldn’t acquire the necessary permissions. 3. If the civil court orders the increase in compensation amount to be paid to the land owner, then the compensation should be paid by the land allotted company.

Ashok Leyland Company

  • Special encouragement benefits to Ashok Leyland for the commencement of Greenfiled M&HCV products project. Ten years 100 percent net SGST reimbursement opportunity is offered to Ashok Leyland.