Most of us access our bank details online and have our email IDs linked to various banks, social platforms, other online services, and so on. The list is endless.


Cyber security is a problem that is going to get even bigger with passing years. As our lives go digital, malicious minds will find a way to cash in on vulnerabilities. While government initiatives around cyber security awareness and adding it to school curriculum would make a significant difference, some steps around awareness have already started, for instance, the Hyderabad police had tweeted around creating strong password. Such small steps around creating awareness would be very beneficial.


After all, creating a strong password is the most basic thing that you can start with. There are several things that one will have to take into account like avoiding unknown emails, click baits or just about anything that seems even remotely suspicious, but today let's look at one of the most basic thing – creating strong password.


Keeper Security had released some of the most commonly used passwords, and shockingly nearly 17 percent users safeguard their accounts with 123456. Moreover, creating the same password for multiple accounts must be avoided. And, one must also avoid using family names, anniversary or birthdays or such easily 


Check out our infographic detailing some of the dos and don’ts while creating a password.