Apple wants you to give away your non-Apple devices and in exchange take home an iPhone at a discounted rate, which depends upon the phone you own. If you already own an iPhone, Apple wants you to buy the latest Apple device for your old model. The discounted rates clearly show how Apple wants to push consumers into buying the latest model, 


For instance, we tried exchanging the iPhone SE for a iPhone 6s as well as for the iPhone 7 Plus on a leading online retailer. The iPhone SE fetched us a discount of whopping ₹10,000 on purchasing the iPhone 7 Plus, while on exchanging the same device for the iPhone 6s fetched a discount of only ₹6000.


Similarly, selling an iPhone 6 for exchange with the iPhone 6s fetched us a discount of ₹9200. On the other hand, the same device was offered at a higher discount price of ₹13,200 for the iPhone 7 Plus.


Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 has been relaunched in India. It was a rather quiet launch. The highlight of the device is it will be available in 32GB onboard storage space. This is an all-new variant, considering the device was launched in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB when launched.


On Amazon, as a limited period offer, the device is selling at ₹28,999 for a Space grey, 32GB model. The site has also listed the 16GB and 64GB units. Interestingly, the 16GB model is priced at ₹30,390, making it almost redundant.


Disclaimer: Please note these prices are as we write this article, and may change in the future.