Now, a consumer forum has demanded Flipkart to pay Irfani ₹15000 for selling a faulty charger. The amount has been demanded as a compensation for the damaged phone. According to Times of India, he claimed that when complained to Flipkart, they offered to change the charger but denied any compensation. They told the device was damaged due to surge in power.


"When Irfani plugged the charger into the power socket and connected the cable to his mobile phone, in less than 10 minutes, the wires in the phone burnt rendering the device useless," the report added. 


It was after Flipkart denied any compensation; he filed a complaint with the consumer court. Moreover, the charger could take fluctuations between 100 and 240 volts. So, with such a wide range up to 24 volts, it could not have damaged the device due to a power surge.


This isn't the first time Flipkart had to cough up compensation. A couple of years ago, the ecommerce company had to pay ₹5500 for cancelling a customer's order without informing him.