Sell it. That is what most of us will reply after having lost all hope of getting a stolen phone back. But do you know, thieves find more than one way to profit from off your precious smartphone or stolen iPhone.

We list some down:

It is a booming, flourishing, thriving business...while you mourn the loss of your sanity, thieves are off making a quick buck


#Sell it. Yes, the first and obvious purpose of the theft. If the thief gets his/her hands on a shiny new, just-in-the-market phone then, the money is good. If you have a keen eye, you may spot it on one of the online classifieds or better still in the second-hand phone market.


#While your new phone can fetches them the dough, imagine how much parts of old and outdated phones could get them! Yes, individual parts, like an unbroken screen, or memory card within etc can be like bonus.


#One not so pleasant part of the whole robbery is that you may end up being a victim twice over. First by losing your phone and secondly when your device contains incriminatory evidence, personal photographs, important documents or passwords of great value. Some thieves manage to track down users and begin a whole saga of blackmailing which then ends up in you paying up to obtain your personal stuff.


#Not to forget, if you are one of those people who save every personal detail on their phones and have an acute memory problem, chances are someone somewhere can make millions out of the identity details you may have left on your phone like banking passwords, authorisation codes etc..


#Yeah, if you think your IMEI number is going to help, then chances are unless you or phone contains important evidence in a case, no one is going to trace it. Also thieves have become smarter, there are ways to change the number. So it either is sold or ends up being used by someone other than you.


#Also deals with selling it ...but here it means trouble. Using stolen phones in shady drug deals or terrorist operations are known. So maybe someday the cops might come tracing the smartphone back to you, who knows? But hey! Look at the bright side, now you know who took your phone.


#Export import does not happen only with food and clothes and smuggled goods to the neighbouring countries can get the thieves a neat sum.