In a bizarre incident in Madurai, a woman lands up unceremoniously in jail for making hoax terror calls to the schools of her children. Police later revealed that her sole intention was to get a school holiday for both her kids because she did not feel like taking them to school that day.

The woman allegedly called the two schools and said that a bomb was placed in the school premises and that the authorities should save their children. 31-year-old, S Pandiselvi, had a daughter and a son studying in Sri Saradha Vidyavanam girls' higher secondary school near Simmakkal and KVT matriculation higher secondary school in Jaihindpuram respectively. The woman or her husband used to drop the kids to their schools. It was her turn on Friday, but she did not feel like taking them to the school.

Speaking to the Times of India, spokesperson for Jaihindpuram police said, "She tried the hoax call idea without thinking about its repercussions."

Police also said that the calls were attended by staff members at both the schools. They said that a female called them saying, "There is a bomb in the school, save the children." When they asked her about her identity, she hung the phone. Authorities immediately turned to the police for help, who later found that the call was made at 7:20 am. As the school authorities and the police swung into action in both the schools, it was found that the call was a hoax. Meanwhile, a case was registered at the Jaihindpuram police station and police started attempts to trace the call. They later found that the calls were made from the same mobile number, which belonged to Pandiselvi.

Meanwhile, anxious parents thronged at the school gates to take back their children. While KVT declared a holiday, Sharada closed its gates to parents and asked them to go back.