Real Madrid just reached their seventh consecutive UEFA Champions League semi-final as they were rescued yet again by the one and only, the knight with the shining armour and the preening peacock - Cristiano Ronaldo! For the last 8 years, ever since he has moved to Real Madrid from Manchester United, the Galacticos superstar has netted more than 30 times in each and every season.


But he does not deserve to be booed by the fans of Real Madrid and that too at the Santiago Bernabeu. The fans need to get their act right as Ronaldo has rescued them time and again from situations, other teams cannot even imagine. Forget about other sides, even Real Madrid could not have imagined in their wildest of dreams.

Ronaldo just scored his 100th UEFA Champions League goal against Bayern Munich in the second leg of the quarter-final. He became the only player to do so in the history of the game. Only Lionel Messi is close to his tally with 94 goals. A few days ago, he even achieved the feat of 100 European goals.


Real Madrid won 6-3 on aggregate and believe it or not, Ronaldo alone has scored has 5 out of those 6 in two legs. And yet their fans had the guts to boo him in the first half when it all looked dicey for the home side. While Ronaldo netted a hat-trick against the Bavarian side, his initial celebration was holding his finger close to his lips in a ‘shushing’ motion, followed by his usual act after scoring a goal.

Ronaldo made sure, that this is the fourth time in four years that Bayern Munich are knocked out of the Champions League in the knockout stage by a Spanish side (Twice by Real Madrid, once by Barcelona and once by Atletico Madrid).