Speaking to Suvarna News, Radhika Kumaraswamy has clarified that she has not married again. The man she is posing with, incidentally, is Vivek Raj, a family friend.


“I am contemplating taking legal action against people writing abusive and indecent messages about me in the social media,” said Radhika.


Further, she clarified that Vivek was her brother’s friend, someone she had known for quite some time.


Vivek Raj is an entrepreneur and the owner of a multi-crore business in real estate, mining, wind and solar power generation. He is the first Kannadiga to get a mining contract in Zimbabwe.


Radhika’s close friends and acquaintances have reported that the photo of Radhika and Vivek being circulated widely on social media is over four years old and claimed that some miscreants have tried to defame her.


The police are probing the matter and are trying to find the person behind the uploading of  these photos and news on the social media.