Jambunath, a resident of Mysore, has treated a dog that lost its two legs in a road accident.


The stray dog lost both its legs in a road accident. Now, because of Jambunath’s device, it can move around with the help of wheels.


Rich people can afford these kinds of devices for their pet dogs. But here, Jambunath has equipped this device for an ordinary stray dog.


The dog, while straying on the streets of Srirampur, BEML layout of Mysuru, was hit by an unknown vehicle on April 20. It lost both its back legs.


Jambunath saw the dog groaning and crying by the side of the road. He brought it to his house and gave first aid. Afterwards, he took the dog to the veterinary hospital. The doctor diagnosed that the dog will not be able to use his legs again.


But Jambunath did not give up. He wanted the dog to be able to move around and not remain bedridden till its death.


With the advice and assistance of the doctor, he made a wheeler, a walking cycle, for the dog.


“There were many wounds on the dog’s body when it was brought in. Both its back legs were completely smashed. I thought of adapting a wheel cart to the back of the dog. In the beginning, it was difficult. For two or three days the dog struggled to drag the cart and move it around. It did not know how to use it and what its purpose was. Now he comfortably moves along with the cart. He goes alone outside for his toilet,” said Dr. Madan, the vet who treated him.