Sidda, the wild elephant, who had fractured his right leg and had fallen in the back waters of Manchanabele Dam of Magadi Taluk, has been recovering slowly.


Currently, he is eating the food and responding to the treatments given by doctors. Since the past six days, Sidda has been kept inside the safety tower constructed by the army.


He has sustained a number of wounds on his back and stomach. He remained on the floor for the past 18 days. Now the doctors are treating those wounds. Besides, the doctors are also treating his fractured right leg; they are removing the puss that is accumulated in the leg. The doctors are hoping that he’ll respond to their treatments in the coming days.


All the local people including the doctors thought that he would not survive. But now with the efforts of the army and the personnel of forest department, and with the help of medical care he is coming back to life.


Currently, he’s consuming 40 Kg ground nut, Ragi Ball mixed with jaggery, and 45 Kg banana, maize and green grass. The doctors have continued anti-biotics and medicines.


Doctors and the forest department guards have adopted sprinklers around the safety tower to keep him wet and avoid hot sun.


The day to enter into the jungle is nearing for Sidda. Doctors are also going to fix his fractured leg bone in the coming days.