The first place which Tamil Nadu people should avoid visiting is Apollo Hospital in Chennai. Their favourite Amma was admitted to the hospital on September 22 and never returned alive. All her activities or even in-activities inside the hospital still remain a secret. With no visuals or written information on what happened to Jayalalithaa in Apollo hospital, it has turned as the most scariest place, people hesitate to visit.


However, Dr Beale, who treated Jayalalithaa in Apollo, took time to tell what had happened to Amma, two months after her death. Thus there is less chance that even if one is dead, information on what had happened to them might come only much after the body is cremated or buried, only to make the family or people (in Jayalalithaa’s case) wonder if this was true at all.


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The second place people should re-consider before going is the Golden Bay Resort at Koovathur. The 129 (not 130 because one slipped away citing that he had diabetes) MLAs were herded into three buses, without any prior notice. Sources and the MLAs who have escaped from the place have said that they were ill-treated and humiliated there.


However, still more than 120 MLAs continued to stay there and even when police barged inside asking them to get out, they flatly refused. Thus the MLAs stayed put at the restaurant for eight days. A new government had to be formed to get them out. Of course, it is a very costly affair.


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Thus it is better if people avoid these two places in Tamil Nadu. At one place you may not come out if you go inside and the other you will not want to come out until something big (really big) happens. To prove the argument, sources said that the MLAs after attending the swearing in ceremony have returned to the resort.


* Disclaimer: This is a humour write-up and doesn’t aim at hurting anyone’s feelings