The National Investigation Agency (NIA) confirmed the arrest of Shamsul Huda, who is suspected to be the mastermind behind the train accidents plotted by Islamic State (ISIS) across the country. He was arrested by the police in Nepal. 

The arrest of Dubai-based Huda is considered as a significant breakthrough in the train accident cases. He reached Nepal after being deported from Dubai, a senior NIA official said. 

ISIS had plotted three train accidents in India, the first one on Ghorashan track in Champaran, Bihar, Indore-Patna train accident in Kanpur and derailment of Hirakhand Express in Andhra Pradesh. The first attempt to detonate an improvised explosive device failed, but 149 persons were killed in the accident at Kanpur, on November 20, while 41 persons died in the train derailment on January 21. 

Meanwhile, NIA also revealed that more persons from India had reached the ISIS camp in Afghanistan. The intelligence agency had earlier confirmed that 22 Keralites, who went missing from Kasargod and Palakkad, have joined ISIS and is undergoing training at Nangarhar province in Afghanistan, which is under the control of militants.

Afghan intelligence agencies informed NIA that more Keralites are likely to have joined the ISIS camp at Nangarhar. The agency also warned that the militants are likely to return to India after completing their training. They are likely to move to Gulf countries via road and then move to India to reinstate sleeper cells, recruit more persons, organise funds and to plot attacks, Afghan intelligence agency said.  

It is believed that Kasargod natives Sajir and Abdul Rashid are giving training to Keralites, who have joined ISIS. The national agency is also probing about people who have fled the country after they were arrested in criminal cases including murder.