District Collector of Kozhikode, Prashanth Nair, posted a photo on the Facebook with a unique observation that has made this image viral. 


Since the demonetisation announcement several memes and jokes have gone viral and each state seems to have a different take on this move. Amidst the chaos, uncertainity, and apprehensions, photos of people standing outside ATMs can be seen everywhere from media to social media. 


This particular image posted by the district collector on his Facebook wall is clicked from a newspaper that published this photo of people in Kerala standing in two queues, one in front of an ATM and the other in front of a liquor shop. 


Interestingly, the line in front of the liquor shop is longer than the one in front of the ATM. 


But, this is not the most interesting thing about the picture. As the district collector pointed out on the accompanying status on the picture, the most interesting observation on this picture is that the people standing on the ATM line has their mundu unfolded whereas the men on the liquor line have their mundu folded. 



The status says "One queue is lungi/mundu up and one is lungi/mundu down."


In the southern states, Mundus are unfolded or down to maintain the decorum of a place, ceremony, or anything that requires demands dignity. Whereas, a folded Mundu is convenient for walking and doing manual work. 


In short, the picture seems to reflect the fact that people going to ATMs are maintaining dignity, and after getting the money feeling empowered to consume some liquor. 


One of the comment right points out the same “The one with lungi down will make their lungi up if the transaction is successful.”