A panchayat meeting was held in Venkatapura village of Kolar District to discuss on some land issue. After the trial, the Panchayat had imposed penalty on Sallapurappa, a resident of the village. But Sallapurappa opposed to pay the penalty.


Consequently now the village panchayat has imposed banishment on him. The Venkatapura village panchayat has instructed the villagers not to talk to him. It has also been announced that if anyone is found helping him will be charged a penalty of ₹ 3000/-.


“I was called for Panchayati meeting, after the trial I did not agree to the judgement given by them, hence I walked out. Now they have banished me from the village. No one in the village dares to talk to me. Retail shops don’t entertain me and hotels don’t allow me,” said Sallapurappa.


There are 150 houses in the Venkatapura village and all the villagers belong to the same caste. In case of any issue that rises in the village, they come together to solve the issue among themselves, with the help of the seniors and Village panchayat members.


“When someone refuse to adhere to the decree of the village panchayat and the senior citizens of the village what can we do? We have to ask him to stay from us” – Chandrappa, Village panchayat member.


But does Indian constitution allow such kind of banishment?


However, the Nangali Police are investigating about this issue already.