While the Karnataka is still struggling to enforce its plastic ban by giving alternative options like cloth and paper bags, A local Karnataka boy - Aswath Hegde - has become an icon in Qatar thanks to his ambitious green path.


egde, who is just 25-years-old and an MBA student from Dakshina Kannada district, came up with simple alternative to plastic bags by introducing corn starch bags through his firm Go Green Corporation. 

This bags can be reused and are completely compostable and do not leave any chemical extracts in the Earth.


The Qatar government, which is keen on pushing green solutions as its agenda in the coming years, has accepted his proposals and made him a green icon there by launching his product.


Hegde launched the product in Qatar on National Environment Day on February 26 there. 

“The Qatar Environment Ministry appreciated and accepted eco-friendly cornstarch bags. The response is good, and many top brands and shops have started purchasing these bags,” he said.


These eco-friendly bags are made from cornstarch and ten other organic products.  They decompose completely in a period of two months without leaving any chemical extracts in the soil. These can be reused after washing them. They are stronger than the existing, similar, ones.


Interestingly, the bag can dissolve in 100 degree Celsius hot water and leaves no chemicals in water.  The firm also manufactures large bags which can carry 250 to 1000 kgs. It will soon also roll out small bags to suit small customers and homes. 

Hegde has already approached central leaders to take this Make In India Concept ahead.