Tovino Thomas is an Indian actor who has become a favourite of many Malayalee audiences. Within a short time, Tovino managed to assert his position in the Malayalam film world. RS Vimal's 'Ennu ninde Moideen' was the turning point in Tovino's film career.


'Mayanadi', the movie was well-received by the audience. Viewers say that even Mayanadi is a romantic movie, where Tovino's performance made the film such a blockbuster. 


The next upcoming hit of Tovino is 'Abhiyude kadha Anuvindeyum'. For the promotion of this movie, he has done a live on Facebook.  That time one of his fans commented that Tovino would become a superstar, and the actor replied saying that he wants to be a good actor, not a superstar. 


He also added that a superstar's position won't allow an actor to do all kinds of characters, but a good actor can always work in every film as he like. 


The other upcoming films of his are 'Theevandi', 'Maradona' and 'Uru kuprasidha payyan'.