VK Unnikrishnan (45), Judicial Magistrate First Class, who was in the news for assaulting an auto-rickshaw driver and later assaulting police personnel in the police station, has been found dead. He has hanged himself in his government quarters at around 10 a.m. on Wednesday.


On 6th November (Sunday) Sullia police had registered two cases against VK Unnikrishnan (45). Police sources said that he was in an “inebriated state” when the incident took place. When the magistrate became violent towards the auto-rickshaw driver, he immediately drove the rickshaw to the police station.


In the police station, Unnikrishnan revealed his identity as a magistrate and overpowered a police sub-inspector and assaulted a few police constables. The police then contacted their counterparts in Kasaragod and got confirmation of the post Mr. Unnikrishnan was holding. He was later allowed to go home after he gave an undertaking to the police.


The police inferred that he must have committed suicide frustrated by the incident that happened on 6th November in Kasaragod Police station. The police have sent the body to Kasaragod General Hospital for post mortem.


Unnikrishnan was staying alone in the government quarters in Vidyanagar, Kasargod and his wife has been staying in Trissur along with his two children.