Owing to a methane leak that emanated from a heap of waste items stored in Kannalli Waste Treatment Unit, on Magadi Road in Bengaluru, a major fire broke out that eventually burnt machinery and accessories worth ₹9.5 crore. The exact cause of the fire is yet to be officially ascertained.  


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A case has been registered in Bedarahalli police station in this regard.

In the early morning on Tuesday, methane gas is assumed to have leaked from a large heap of waste which eventually ignited the heap, authorities speculated. The 29-acre campus contained several big types of machinery and tools like compost manure-preparing machines, fuel generating machines and plenty of raw materials and vehicles, all of which were engulfed in the massive fire. 


Unit personnel, who arrived around 5.30 am, noticed the fire and informed the Fire Force office.


Soon after being tipped off, more than 40 fire force personnel who reached the spot had a herculean task in extinguishing the fire and only around noon was the fire completely doused.  

The fire also released vast quantities of noxious smoke, which may harm the health of residents nearby. Locals say they are scared of respiratory diseases.


Negligence on the part of the company entrusted with the responsibility of periodic maintenance, is the reason for the mishap, opined Sarfaraz Khan, Joint Commissioner, Solid Waste management, BBMP.  


In the wake of the fire, the transportation of garbage and waste material to the said unit has been stopped tentatively.