As soon as the United States election results were announced, a small village panchayath  in Kerala erupted in joy. While a few men were seen distributing sweets another few were disappointed as Hillary was defeated. 


If you are wondering how the US elections were influencing the lives of men and women of ward number 8 of Chambakkulam grama panchayat in Alappuzha then you are set for a bigger surprise. The ward number 8 is popularly known as 'America' and the south east part of the place is famous as 'New York City'. 


Around 113 families have their extended relatives living in the US for past 50 years and this have had an impact on the lives of people here which led the locals to name the places as 'America' and 'New York'.


The village also has its boat jetties, bus stops and even toddy shop named as 'America' and like the Kerala politics is discussed fondly, the US polls are also a common topic of debate among people who have their own opinion and views on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.