Communal violence broke over a dispute regarding flag hoisting and procession in Gangavati of Koppala district in Karnataka. 


The social miscreants in the small town of Gangavati burned down shops and houses on Sunday, and police intervention was required to control the situation. 


Two groups of separate communities were involved in disturbing law and order of the whole city of Gangavati. One group are celebrating Hanuman Jayanti while another group is celebrating Id-Milad, the birthday of Mohammad Paigambar. 


The incident was triggered when the minorities started hoisting flags on the streets. Some youths who belong to minority group started pelting stones on some houses and temples when they were refused to put on flags on the street.


The other group of youth who opposed this act of hoisting flags came to the police station and urged the police to arrest the youths. When the police did not listen to their complaint, they staged a protest in front of the police station and started shouting slogans against the police. 


Then the police, to maintain law and order and to disperse the mob started canning on the Hanuman and Aiyappa devotees. 


“We were taking a bath here. Biradar, the police inspector, came here and caned us.  We told him that we’re wearing the Mala and we practise peace and non-violence and urged him not to beat us. But he did not listen,” – Manjunatha, Aiyappa devotee, said.

At that time, some miscreants set fire to some shops and bikes and broke the glass windows of a private nursing home.

Karadi Sanganna, MP of Koppala staged a protest and urged the government to suspend the police officers who failed to maintain law and order. Finally, SP of the district came to the spot and assured the suspension of the officers. 


“A miscreant named Jubaid, is the root cause of this entire violence. He’s disturbing the communal harmony of the district. But the police have not taken any action against him” – Karadi Sanganna, MP.


The police have permitted the Hanuman devotees to conduct the procession. After the celebrations of Hanuman devotees, the minorities are going to hold their procession. Currently, section 144 is imposed in Gangavati Town.