Ancy Raleef is brimming with joy and why not as most women would be seething in jealousy of her as she is not only the proud owner of a Rs 80 lakh  Range Rover Evoque, she has also got the coveted fancy number worth 16 lakh as a wedding gift. 


The expensive number was bought by Thrissur native Raleef , a Qatar-based businessman as his gift for his spouse on their 15th wedding anniversary. 


Including the fee remitted to participate in the auction the number came at a price of Rs 17, 15,000.



The auction for the number KL 08  BL 1 started off with a  minimum price of Rs 10,000 with three other businessmen in the auction fray. Within 10 minutes the price soared above ten lakhs. At the end of a nail-biting finish, Raleef sealed the deal at Rs 16, 15,000 as he was determined that the number of his wife's car should be similar to that his  Mercedes-Benz E Class.