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Be born or die, Bellary Hospital won't issue a certificate!

  • The Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) has not paid a ₹14 lakh internet bill to BSNL.
  • This bill has mean that Internet facilities to the hospital have been cut off.
  • The administration has promised to solve the problem in four days!
Birth or death this Bellary hospital doesnt issue certificates


Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) hospital is the largest government hospital in the Hyderabad-Karnataka area. The government sets aside crores of rupees annually as a budget to maintain the hospital. Still, VIMS has failed to pay its ₹14 lakh internet bill - pending from a year-and-a-half.


BSNL- the internet service provider- after requesting the hospital authorities to clear the bill for over a year, has now cut off internet access to the hospital, crippling the staff from providing relevant certificates to the patients.


The hospital administration, despite repeated notices, did not pay the pending bills.


Now, patients in the largest government hospital in the district are in a fix as they are not being issued any documents certifying the birth or death of the person - among other required medical documentations. One should note that these documents are crucial and the staff is currently busy flipping through a heap of large files to find the exact date of birth and death.


VIMS administration has promised to set the problem right by four days. But that hope probably cannot be taken at face value as the same administration had kept this important bill pending for over a year, apparently unconcerned about the inconvenience the hospital is causing patients and their families.

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