CM Siddaramaiah has assured that the government will release drinking water to all the cities and taluks that come under the Cauvery catchment, including Bengaluru till June 2017.


While adducing the resolution of government to release water to Tamil Nadu, he said all the four reservoirs of Cauvery basin (KRS, Harangi, Hemavati, Kabini) have received 34.5 TMC of water due to the recent rains. The drinking water requirement for Cauvery basin till June 2017 is 23.3 TMC.


Hence the additional storage of water i.e., 6.5 TMC will be released to the crops of our farmers. However, the total water requirement of our farmers for crops is about 43 TMC.  


Thus, he said that there won’t be any crisis for the supply of drinking water to Bengaluru.


It is estimated that the reservoirs of Cauvery basin is likely to receive about 29.29 TMC of water between October and December.


“Considering all these calculations it is possible for us to comply with the Court’s order and also to release drinking water” he said.


If 6,000 cusecs of water is released to farmers of Tamil Nadu some proportion of it will flow to Karnataka crop fields also. The natural inflow of water to Cauvery reservoirs is around 3,000 cusecs. Seepage of water (Natural outflow) is also almost the same i.e., 3,000 cusecs.


The CM defended his decision to release water to Tamil Nadu, and reiterated that providing water to Bengaluru and other cities of Cauvery catchment is government’s first priority.