Malayalam actor Aju Varghese has hitted out against some netizens for their insensitive response to the heightened emotions of Tamilians when Chief Minister Jayalalithaa passed away.


"In stead of mocking at Tamilians who mourn the death of their leader sincerely,  Malayalees should evaluate their own feelings; we recognise our Chief Minister as a face we saw on television, but for a Tamilian his leader is like a sibling who have sincerely served them with all their heart," posted Aju.


Finally before ending his post Aju quoted the words of a Tamilian friend and said in Tamil Nadu the needs of a citizen is taken care the moment he or she is born. From 'Amma Canteens' to 'Amma Health initiatives' and 'Free laptops to students', Jayalalithaa's pro-poor schemes made her popular.