A number of commuters in Bengaluru use the Namma Metro service to avoid the rush-hour traffic. People travelling in the metro can meet their punctuality expectations. But the question remains, how many people does the metro service cater to in this cosmopolitan city of southern India?



Let us take a look at five reasons why Namma Metro is a failure in Bengaluru:


  • Namma Metro only caters to a fraction of the city as the entire city is yet to get connected with this service.


  • Secondly, people in Bengaluru chose to move around in their own vehicles even if they have to overcome the nightmarish traffic signals at several places on their way to work during the weekdays.


  • Thirdly, people who cannot afford to buy a vehicle, they tend to take the BMTC services all throughout the city and it is a tad bit cheaper than the metro services.  


  • As most of the people use two-wheelers and cars to move around the city, this leads to the traffic congestions during rush hours. Then how is Namma Metro helping the public of Bengaluru? Does it need more lines so that the city, which once was a paradise, can breathe a little?


  • Metro does not run after 10 pm in the night. There are thousands of people who get back from work after 10 pm in the night. What about them?


Unlike Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai, the civic bodies of Bengaluru will need a herculean effort to make this happen. However, the other metro line from Nagasandra to Puttenahalli is supposed to be ready by March 2017. It will still ease a lot of pressure off the traffic in the central Bengaluru region.