The Ministry of External Affairs has said that the British Government had agreed to India's request for extradition of Vijay Mallya. The liquor baron had fled to the UK after defaulting loans in India. 

The British Government informed India that a UK court is considering issuing warrant for extradition. "Home office of UK Government conveyed that our request for extradition of Mallya has been approved. Secretary of state has certified the request," Ministry External Affairs spokesperson Gopal Baglay said. 

Extradition plea filed by Indian Government has been forwarded to a district court which is considering the petition to issue a warrant against Mallya, Baglay said. The plea was forwarded to Westminster Magistrate court. 

India had sought extradition of the industrialist, who is a fugitive in the UK, in February. The formal request was handed over to the UK High Commission. The authorities were informed that the Central Government had a legitimate case against liquor baron on charges of defaulting loan payment and financial irregularities. 

Malaya escaped to Britain in March 2016 after banks approached the court seeking recovery of default loan amount. He had availed ₹9, 000 crore towards loan in the name of Kingfisher Airlines, which was owned by him. Even after multiple injunctions Mallya failed to appear before Enforcement Directorate and investigators in connection with the probe in the case filed under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

In January CBI court issued a non-bailable warrant against the industrialist in a loan default case filed by IDBI Bank. The bank claimed that Mallya had defaulted ₹720 crore.