Bharatiya Janata Party leader B S Yeddyurappa on Saturday resigned as Chief Minister of Karnataka, only two days after he had taken office. Following the CONGRESS- JD(S) alliance petition to the Apex Court, The Supreme Court had given Yeddyurappa a day’s time to prove his majority during the floor test.

 During an emotional speech Yeddyurappa announced his resignation on the grounds of failing to prove his majority as the party lacked the numbers, making him the shortest serving Chief Minister of Karnataka for just 55 hours.


Let us now have a look at some of the other ex-CMs Of India who have also had short-lived terms in office.



  1. Harish Rawat
Image result for harish rawat chief minister of uttarakhand
        State- UTTARAKHAND
Tenure- 1 day
 21st April 2016 to 22 April 2016



  1. B S Yeddyurappa
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Tenure-2 days 
May 17, 2018 to May .19


  1. Jagadambika Pal
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 State-  Uttar Pradesh 
 Tenure- 3 Days 
 February 21 to 1998 

  1. Satish Prasad Singh
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State- Bihar 
Tenure-5 days 
January 28-Feb 1, 1968



  1. Om Prakash Chautala
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Tenure- 6 days 
July 12-17,1990

  1. Nitish Kumar
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State- Bihar 
Tenure- 8th days 
March 3-10, 2000

  1. BS Yeddyurappa
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Tenure- 8days 
November 12-19, 2007

  1. SC Marak
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State- Meghalaya
Tenure- 12 Days


  1. Om Prakash Chautala
Image result for Om Prakash Chautala
Tenure- 36
17th March 21st - April 6, 1991



  1. Janaki Ramachandran
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State-Tamil Nadu
Tenure- 24days
January 7-30, 1988

  1. BP Mandal
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State- Bihar
Tenure- 31st February - March 2, 1968


  1. C.H. Mohamed Koya
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Tenure- October 12 - December .1, 1979