Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju, who had raised severe criticisms against the apex court, agreed to tender unconditional apology to Justice Rajan Gogoi in connection with sensational Soumya murder case. 

Katju was summoned to appear before the court and explain his arguments after he criticised Supreme Court verdict acquiting Govindachami, the accused in Soumya murder case. The court had asked why Contempt proceedings should not be initiated against him for criticising judges in his post. 

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In his reply, the former judge informed court that he had deleted all posts that were written on Soumya murder and respects the judiciary and judicial process. 

Katju, in his Facebook  post, had said that the court committed an error in the judgment. The court had set side the death sentence of the convict on the grounds that the prosecution failed to prove whether victim jumped off the train or the convict pushed her. 

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